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About Me

Hi! I'm Miranda Barnett (she/they) and I am the founder of Metamorphosis Voice Training. I am a voice/speech/dialect coach, educator, and professional actor with 25+ years of experience in voice training and the performing arts. I am a native of Greenville, SC, the land of the Cherokee, a mother, a scuba diver, a lover of food and nature, and a pan/non-binary member of the LGBTQIA+ community.  It is my absolute pleasure to welcome you here.


The MVT Mission

Metamorphosis Voice Training serves to encourage and uplift the LGBTQIA+ community by helping individuals to discover their authentic voice, thereby claiming greater confidence, a stronger sense of security, and unbridled joy.

Identity Affirming Voice Training

Also known as Gender Affirming Voice Training, but more encompassing of all individuals on the queer spectrum who feel that their voice does not authentically reflect their true nature. IAVT can be tailored for specific needs including:

  • cohesive gender expression and passing

  • speaking publicly and privately with greater confidence

  • expanding the possibilities of unique expression

  • code-switching for stronger inter-personal connection

              and more

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